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Visualize the scene in your mind. Decide on a particular theme or impression that you want to create, for example, if you wish to write about a village scene, you should decide whether you wish to describe the village on a fine, sunny day or on a rainy day. Pay particular attention to the following:.

Keep in mind your theme and the mood you want to convey. Subject - Predicate 1. Subject - Predicate 2. Sentence Types. Sentence Structures. Introduction Paragraph. Power Paragraph. Concluding Paragraph. Narrative Essay. Descriptive Essay. Expository Essay. Argumentative Essay.

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Long and Short Essay on Village Life in English

Expository Essay 1. Expository Essay 2. Argumentative Essay 1. Argumentative Essay 2. Argumentative Essay 3.

village life is better than city

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Description of a rural morning scene

Leaves and straw roofs lay jumbled in the mud— remnants of the plethora of items that were stolen in the dark and carried far off into the dense forest. At one corner of the market square lay splintered remains of a bull cart — the bull nowhere to be seen. Baskets, once a cornucopia of fruits, were scattered on the gooey mud with little more than vestigial bits and pieces of delicacies.

A patter of rain drops could still be heard dripping from the roofs and breaking into a splash as they struck the ground. A monotonous repetition — reminiscent of the rain of bullet-drops from last night. The sweet petrichor began to waft. It was bitter-sweet. The same scent brought news of the year's first rains but also reminded people that what gives life, can take it as well.

As the sun rose higher, creaky doors were forced open and the villagers began to gather outside. Formal greetings were commonplace but these were accompanied by harsh curses and pleas of mercy from the gods after seeing their valuables mangled and disintegrated in the soil.

See the lesson plan. This video is published with permission from the Balanced Literacy Diet. See related how-to videos with lesson plans in the Writing Processes and Strategies section. Writer's Workshop connects great children's literature with children's own writing experiences. This resource from Greenville County Schools in South Carolina provides several ideas for writing in math class. Writing and mathematics are similar in that they both require gathering, organizing, and clarifying thoughts.

Writing can assist math instruction by helping children make sense of mathematics and by helping teachers understand what children are learning.

Writing in science gives students an opportunity to describe observations and scientific phenomena, and can help them comprehend new material by having to explain it in their own words. Fazio and Gallagher propose two instructional strategies to assist teachers and student when writing in science: a mnemonic acronym POWER and an editing checklist.

In social studies, descriptive writing can help students describe an important historical figure or event more clearly. Writing rich in detail will create vivid depictions of people and places and help make history come alive. The Writing Fix offers guidance for building a RAFT writing prompt that challenges students to think deeply about history.

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Akerson, V. Science the 'write' way. Science and Children , 43 3 , Miller, R.

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Making thinking visible: A method to encourage science writing in upper elementary grades. Science and Children , 42 3, Mitchell, D. Writing to learn across the curriculum and the English teacher. English Journal , 85, Santa, C. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt. In this spin-off off from the traditional tale, the indomitable bread-making Little Red Hen makes pizza. Describe why her friends wouldn't help her and in the order they refused her request.

Make the pizza, its maker, and the ingredients irresistible in your description. Compare it to a time-honored version. A prolific and popular poet, Prelutsky provides poem starters for slightly older children.

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  • Young poets can either finish the "poemstarts" suggested here or create their own original poem. Cinderella stories are found around the world; here, they have been fused into one tale with special characteristics in text and illustrations that reflect the different origins. Expand parts of the story to echo the traditions of the culture and its history from which it comes. It may be possible to develop a map of tales e. Counting is fun especially in this sophisticated but accessible and handsomely illustrated book.

    Various situations are introduced in straightforward sentences followed by questions that are answered by counting. Describe each situation in the order presented. Arresting photographs of water in various states not only introduces water but also weather, solids and liquids, and more. The sophisticated text further encourages experimentation and observation, although is not necessary to use the entire book with younger children.

    Sequencing, sets, counting, and money coins are introduced in crisp photographs in this wordless concept book. Upper and lower case letters from A to Z with attendant objects are half of the book; turn it over and numbers, counting, and more are presented. Children are encouraged to observe as experiment as they learn about wind and air as well as practice science writing by describing their findings.

    A boy has five pennies and spends them one at a time as he meets people during a walk.