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The treaty whereby states agree to prohibit the conscription into the military of children under the age of 18 and ensure that military volunteers under the age of 18 are exempted from taking a direct part in hostilities. According to Child Soldiers International, most of Europe and Africa have now adopted the Straight 18 standard, which prohibits people under the age of 18 to join state armed groups.

Brazil, Canada, and the UK allow enlistment from the age of Children fight on the front lines, participate in suicide missions, act as spies, messengers or bomb makers, serve as human shields and are used for sexual purposes. For example, during the Iran-Iraq war, child soldiers were sent out ahead in waves over minefields.


Children are very useful to armed group for several reasons, as they are trusting, vulnerable, effective, easy to manipulate, fast learners, cheap, easily expandable, persistent — often in combat under the influence of drugs, pose unique challenges to professional armies by adding confusion to battlefields and causing hesitation out of sympathy in opposing forces.

When kids survive, in the future they may face many difficulties following being a soldier at such a young age. As soldiers, children often take part or witness horrific atrocities such as rape, beheadings, and burning people alive. Kids live in trauma and may experience various mental health disorders. Many soldiers die and the rest is usually severely maimed.

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Influence of Toys on Children Essay. Slavery in the early 's Essay. He says many refugees are children who are living with their mothers or other relatives and the youngest children lack sufficient education and activities.

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John Majok Manyok, 22, has lived at the Pagrinya refugee settlement in the Adjumani region of Uganda for nearly two years. He volunteers for international organisations, including those dealing with child protection. Child neglect and abuse are amongst the challenges he sees at Pagrinya, which is home to more than 30, South Sudanese.

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Many children are also dealing with trauma from the conflict in South Sudan. Mr Mayok Manyok says his brother was inducted into the military at age 13 and served for six years before he made his way to Uganda.

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Women and children comprise the vast majority of refugees from South Sudan living in Uganda and many older girls skip school to help at home. This year-old South Sudanese boy left school early one day to help cook and care for his younger brothers, sisters and a cousin who are living at the Pagrinya refugee settlement near Adjumani.

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  • This links to the issue of childhood politics. Childhood is itself a political construction and a political arena, and therefore a contested terrain.

    A rights perspective demands that children be afforded space, within that construction and arena, to be visible and heard by those with the power to affect daily and national life. Finally, the notion of political education then becomes one of education for political participation, not about democracy as a process reserved for adult engagement only. Essay Examples. Political Science Essay Examples.