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Most of the time if a mother is alive; she retains the custody of her child or children. In this paper, the attempts have made to list out the problems of single-parent father and mother separately and the problems faced by the teenagers of the single parents its impact and the management of the situation in detail. The study is conducted based on both primary and secondary data and exploratory method with 50 teenagers from Dakshina Kannada district with snowball sampling method.

The interview schedule is used to collect data. Suggested Citation: Suggested Citation.

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Research Paper on Single Mothers

By continuing, you agree to the use of cookies. To learn more, visit our Cookies page. This page was processed by aws-apollo5 in 0. Skip to main content. Copy URL. Research shows that working a significant amount while pursuing a higher education can negatively affect college outcomes, including grade point average, persistence, time to degree, and degree attainment King ; Kuh et al.

This suggests that students have a finite number of hours that they can dedicate to paid and unpaid work outside of school, and for parents, that work allotment is consumed by unpaid dependent care responsibilities. Research documents the significant economic and social rewards of postsecondary education for adults, children, families, and society, and such gains are likely to be especially transformative for the life trajectories of single mothers.

College graduates are more likely than those without college degrees to be employed Hout ; Vilorio , and to have access to employer-sponsored pension and health insurance plans Baum, Ma, and Payea Earning a postsecondary credential may also contribute to better health and well-being: research finds an association between higher educational attainment and improved health outcomes Cutler and Lleras-Muney and college-educated adults engage more with their communities than those without degrees Bureau of Labor Statistics ; Dee Given the socioeconomic challenges faced by single mothers in and outside of the college context, increasing their educational attainment is critical to strengthening family well-being and economic security.

They report that the positive effects for children are large enough to mitigate any negative effects of low-income. Another study using the ATUS found that, controlling for age of children and marital status, mothers with a college degree or higher spend, on average, 4. Increasing postsecondary attainment among single mothers would have broad economic benefits beyond the benefits to families.

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College graduates contribute more in taxes than their peers with high school diplomas Baum, Ma, and Payea , and are less likely to access public benefit programs London An increase in the number of single mothers with postsecondary education can also increase the supply of skilled workers to fill in-demand occupations. Research estimates that by , more than 6 in 10 jobs in the United States will require at least some college education, and the nation is predicted to fall short of being able to fill these jobs by five million college-educated workers Carnevale, Smith, and Strohl Given that postsecondary achievement is associated with better health, reduced poverty, and improved educational outcomes for children, the development of institutional, state, and federal-level interventions that promote college completion among single mothers is crucial for improving the well-being of U.

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Higher education institutions can implement innovative programs and supports to facilitate college-going and attainment among the growing numbers of single student mothers. Promising interventions, in addition to child care, include coaching, peer supports, child-friendly spaces on campuses, and tailored scholarships, among others Gault, Noll, and Reichlin ; Hess et al.

In addition, increasing the maximum Pell Grant award or establishing targeted scholarship programs could enable single mothers to better meet their financial needs while in college.

Four-year colleges include public and private institutions. Multiple hypotheses have been suggested, including that college-educated women may be more likely to hold jobs with flexible schedules, or that mothers that spend significant time with their children may be more likely to seek out more education Kalil, Ryan, and Corey Attewell, Paul and David Lavin. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Department of Labor. February Carnevale, Anthony P. Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements through Carnevale, Anthony, Stephen J. Rose, and Ban Cheah. Child Care Aware of America. Parents and the High Cost of Child Care: Cutler, David M.

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Education and Health: Evaluating Theories and Evidence. Working Paper, National Bureau of Economic Research.

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Dee, Thomas S. Income and Poverty in the United States: Washington, DC: U. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.

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Paper prepared for the Association of Community College Trustees. Hout, Michael.

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Table FM King, Jacqueline E. Kuh, George D. London, Rebecca A.