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The quarters are the length of 12 minutes.

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The shot clock is 24 seconds and once the ball hits the rim it resets. When the ball is in play you have 8 seconds to cross half court. Players can only be in the key for 3 seconds unless if the ball is being shot. When a player is inbounding the ball you have 5 seconds to pass the ball in Better Essays words 5 pages. But most importantly and more specific, the architecture that I am proposal is how can computers, sensors and wheelchair assist those who are immobile and unable to free explore and interact with their environment.

The answer to this question is the Smart-Wheelchair, a intelligent device capable of navigating its surrounding with minimum human effort. Compare to the average wheelchair the smart chair required no pushing, it is capable free maneuvering any obstacle within its environment and is intelligent enough to learn as it explore its environment, to make traveling a lot easier Better Essays words 2 pages. Based on the observations recorded, it appears that the nondisabled people seemed to show a lack of interest or regard for the disabled people involved in the interactions.

Although it may not have been overt, it seemed nondisabled people exhibited subtle signs of superiority over disabled people, appearing to treat them as if they were helpless or burdensome Better Essays words 5. People often doubt their abilities and therefore have low expectations of them.

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What people fail to see is how mentally capable and hardworking these individuals truly are. Better Essays words 2. In his third year at Oxford his health started to decrease and it was soon discovered the he was suffering from ALS, a type of motor neuron disease. At the age of fifteen months he contracted Poliomyelitis. The effects of the virus meant that Ade was unable to use his left leg, and only had partial use of his right leg.

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In when Ade was three years old. His parents decided move to the UK were it would be easier to bring up a child with a disability. They settled in Plaistow East London. Moving to the UK was one of the most important events in Ade Adepitan's life.

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He was taught how to walk using iron calipers, which he wore until the age of Despite having Polio, Ade loved playing football with his school friends. He spent his early years dreaming of playing football for England. Ade discovered wheelchair basketball when he was twelve, after being spotted by two Physiotherapists.

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  • They saw Ade as he was pushed through the streets of Plaistow in a Tesco's shopping trolley by his friends. Cairo: While in the commencing, the bodily rehabilitation middle was only for war victims. But I remembered, there was a woman. She saved coming, bringing her boy or girl with polio. He was not, strictly speaking, a war sufferer. This girl held coming.

    Both of those of them simply cannot wander. Then I recognized. The Afghans opened my eyes. I learned to listen to them. Incredibly usually, they provide me the proper route. Is there stigma all around individuals with disabilities in Afghanistan?

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    • Cairo: In Afghanistan, in case you are disabled, you happen to be not rejected from your household as well as community. There is a form of hyper-protection. The loved ones claims will not fret, I will deal with you.

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      It can be pleasant within a way, but it can be disempowering. Clients should be specified the prospect to restart their lives. What has actually been the impact of your wheelchair basketball plan? They now not imagine of on their own as disabled people today. Given that they started off enjoying basketball and Jurickson Profar Jersey [achieving] succe s, individuals arrive at enjoy them. The [audience is] astonished. Those that happen to be most prosperous get to participate in about the nationwide groups, engage in internationally and po se s their nationwide anthem played for them.

      They have on the flag in their country on their own again, and folks enjoy them on television. Enlarge this imageJe s Markt has actually been doing work with Cairo and some others to generate sports activities systems for disabled people in war zones. He has his eye on the Paralympics to the Afghan countrywide basketball teams.

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