Woody 2000 project proposal essays

All subcontractor quotes should be scoped and reviewed with subsequent recommendations. We must ensure the proper coordination of owner purchased items with subcontractors and develop a systems flow for material purchases.

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The production train manufacturers should be involved in various team meetings to ensure design compatibility and schedule compliance. All meetings in reference to the construction of the new facility should have concise meeting minutes that are taken using a standardized format with distribution guidelines.

A complete communications plan would be implemented as detailed later in this project plan. A risk management plan is necessary for this project and I have identified a few areas of concern regarding the Woody project.

Woody 2000 project proposal essays

The following plan is preliminary in nature and I have given a brief overview of the components of this plan. There are four phases of accessing risk:. Risk identification — Our management team will identify potential risks as part of the planning process. As we look at the background on the Woody project, I would consider identifying the following risks:. Technical risks — This is a review of the quality and performance goals of the project.

We must ensure that the lag bolts are installed properly for the production train equipment. We must coordinate with shop drawings and with the foundation contractor. Project management resources — This category deals with improper planning including poor allocation of resources, cost and schedule risks, and poor use of management disciplines. There is concern regarding the coordination of owner supplied equipment and the interface with the appropriate subcontractors.

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Organizational risks — The management team must ensure that there is enough human resources allocated for the project and that there is no conflicts for between the project staff and the employees of The Custom Woodworking Company. The management team must avoid policies that do not support the completion of the proposed project schedule.

External risks — These are risks that are caused by external parties such as regulatory agencies, labor contracts and supplier restrictions. We must ensure that there is proper coordination with utility companies and that all equipment and systems are approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Risk assessment — According to Wysocki pp. There are static and dynamic risk assessments. The static risk assessment is completed during the planning phase and usually follows a simple risk matrix while the dynamic risk assessment is more comprehensive and followed throughout the duration of the project. In reviewing our proposed project plan, our management team would need to evaluate the financial consequences in the delay of the project.

Additionally, we must ensure that contract commitments and orders are manufactured and processed without delay. Risk mitigation — This is a plan that takes the identified risk possibilities and then determines the response or action necessary to mitigate the risk. Wysocki pp. The following responses would be appropriate for the following:. Risk monitoring and control — This process is an important management procedure that requires the management team to follow potential risks and review their impacts and outcomes.

A risk log will be prepared as described by Wysocki p. We should develop and maintain a quality assurance program to ensure contract and code compliance. This is to include documented progress inspections and complete digital progress photos. The shop drawings must be matched to the field as built drawings to ensure that there is a proper coordination of all disciplines including the owner supplied equipment. This is to include a standard for overall site condition and maintenance of the site during construction since the manufacturing process must continue uninterrupted.

A complete coordination of all invoicing, pay requests and owner generated purchase orders. We would assist the finance department with updating the projected cash flow with actual costs on a monthly basis. A stand alone accounting system and procedure would be established with its own chart of accounts, actual to projection disbursements and management of the contingency fund. A process for review and confirmation of Change Order proposals and develop systems for accountability and documentation on both the financial and technical aspects of the project.

Project Management Plan and Scope of Work. We would review Architectural and Engineering Design Services Agreements and ensure that these agreements have definitive date constraints and design to budget parameters. They design consultants would be obligated to meet the overall project schedule specified as Exhibit A. Confirm the Woody team overall desires, intentions, goals and objectives for their expansion and develop a complete needs assessment.

The needs assessment would be compiled during the strategic planning sessions and individual department focus group meetings. Confirm the long range facility strategies and the necessary sales and marketing strategies needed to keep the new production train generative for its proper production to payback ratio. Additionally, we must review existing operations to ensure that production is not affected by the construction process.

Confirm user interviews of existing spaces to determine quality of space, support and logistics by focus group sessions with appropriate department representatives. Coordinate with the executive team the overall requested program to decipher between needs and wants and obtain necessary approvals. Confirm coordination of the budget with the program to insure sufficient funds are set aside and that the sequencing of work is in line with projected cash flow. Determine cash flow requirements and projections for the duration of the master schedule and coordinate with the finance office.


Prepare periodic reports to document the planned cash flow versus actual cash flow and report to the Woody executive steering committee. Validate the preliminary schedule and expand the final project schedule and identify major milestones and the critical path for project. Establish timing of major approvals whether within the team or by the government or local community. Transportation — Confirm the necessity of a traffic management plan to ensure the existing employees have ample parking and are not affected by the construction. Existence and capacity of utilities and infrastructure — Coordinate with the appropriate utility companies to confirm that all expanded utilities are scheduled properly and without delay.

Determine government agencies and community agencies that need to been involved in the project.

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Confirm Procurement Agreements — Design Services. Confirm list of consultants, contractors and vendors whose services may be required in the purchasing of design services. If necessary, develop or confirm the development by others of scope definitions for procurement packages including bid packaging strategies.

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Monitor the development of agreements to be awarded to successful bidders, all required contracts must be based on hard numbers or guaranteed maximum pricing. Monitor the coordination of consultants and vendors in such areas as the production train equipment and other specialized equipment necessary for the expansion space.

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Confirm with the design consultants that the developing designs are compatible with the program, master schedule, master budget and quality expectations. Develop a list of contractors and vendors whose services may be required in the purchasing of materials and that respective team member has procurement responsibility for each item. Develop or confirm the development by others of scope definitions for procurement packages including bid packaging strategies. Arrange for pre-construction conferences with team members and selected bidders, if necessary. Engage General Contracting and Vendor Services.

The most important element to any Cost Control System is the people who operate them. There must be an experienced team of experts whose knowledge of quantities and historical pricing, as well as project management and field supervision, provide the expertise on all elements relating to cost control, including budgeting, estimating, value engineering and the qualification of subcontractors. The Woody project steering committee would receive formal reports weekly from Mr.

Moneysworth and Mr. The following cost control methods will be implemented throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of the project:. In the budgeting phase of the project, our team will compare current projected costs of the project with the initial budget and keep a watchful eye that the project is not escalating beyond its financial capability. We will ensure that the work involved meets the projected goals established by the Woody project program planning sessions.

We will manage a team to produce definitive estimates through schematic design, design development and construction documents stages of the project. We will work in conjunction with the various prime subcontractors in developing estimates that can be tracked in a similar format to simplify the reconciliation at each estimate phase.

We have developed an in-house cost coding system to expand into more detailed pricing as the design progresses. A computer-aided quantity survey system allows us to quickly and accurately produce the basic quantities for the project, which is invaluable toward providing timely responses to changes in the design as they occur. Prior to the start of the construction phase, our system allows us to electronically transfer our estimate into a cost forecasting format used by project management staff to track costs throughout the project to completion. This estimating process builds from each stage to a Guaranteed Maximum Price estimate, which again is checked against previous work.

Careful documentation of assumptions are incorporated into the estimate to allow for later comparisons. Once the contract price is determined, the estimated labor, material and subcontractor costs are allocated among standard cost accounts at a level of detail appropriate for tracking individual tasks against the project budget.

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Estimated quantities and unit costs are utilized to establish a base line for tracking progress and productivity. The procurement cycle begins as purchase orders, subcontracts and change orders are committed, then immediately documented and simultaneously recorded in the cost system. Cost reports are comprehensive and responsive to the specific needs of the project.

Labor reports, printed at the job site weekly, are used by project management to review progress and costs. Vendor commitments and expenditures are monitored in several reports, which can be sorted by vendor or cost account with varying levels of detail.