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I will try to make it clear that it's okay to form an opinion after reading. However, when writing an informative piece, we simply need to keep that opinion out of the writing. Oliver, K. Need Milk?.

Time for Kids. Our school has focused on the Four Square Writing Method this year. If you have not heard of it, I would highly encourage you to check it out. The reason we have focused so closely on this method, is that it works well with multiple types of writing. It also gives the students a tool for organizing their thoughts. The students get very good at knowing the format and being able to fill in the four square graphic organizer by the end of the year.

We are now in the 4th quarter of school and the students are much quicker than they were at the first of the year. If you are teaching this lesson at the beginning of the year or your students do not have much experience with the four square method, I would recommend splitting this lesson into two parts. Have the students fill out the graphic organizer the first day and then write the essay the second day.

I have included a video in the resources on how to have the students make a four square graphic organizer from a blank piece of paper. Once the students have completed their four square graphic organizers, they will turn the notes into a five paragraph informative essay. I will review the scoring rubric with the students before they begin writing so they are aware of what it is I am looking for when I grade their essays. I will allow the students the remainder of the time to complete their essays.

As the students complete their essays, I will read through them quickly, giving each student complements on the things they did well as well as ways they could improve it if they choose to.

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I will then allow them to make changes to their essays before they turn them in. I call this mini conferencing. I love to conference with the students on their writing but don't always have time. This method allows me to quickly meet with each student as the finish. After the students have finished, we will take the essays into the computer lab and type them up.

Writing an Informative Piece: Crafting Introductions | EL Education Curriculum

We are preparing for the end of level writing test which will require the students to type an essay onto the computer. Empty Layer. Home Professional Learning. Professional Learning. Learn more about. Sign Up Log In. Unit Tarzan! Rotten Milk! Students should be required to begin by identifying each item being compared. Following a brief introduction of the items or concepts, students will explain the similarities.

How to Write an Informative Essay

After thoroughly explaining the similarities, students move on to discuss the differences between the two items or concepts. The initial step in writing about cause and effect is determining the order of presentation. Will students be presenting several causes and the ultimate effect of those causes, or will students be identifying one cause that led to several different effects? Once that has been determined, students can begin filling in their graphic organizer. The visual aspect of a cause and effect graphic organizer works extremely well for setting up an expository paragraph or essay.

How to write an informative essay

Describing a topic or text is no different than writing a summary. There are many ways to tackle summary writing , but as with all of the graphic organizers mentioned above, clarity is essential. The graphic organizer should assist students in identifying critical information and avoiding extraneous details. It is vital that students understand the importance of each detail leading back to the overarching topic.

Chronicling a sequence of events can serve as a great starting point for expository writing.

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Embedding signal words within the graphic organizer will keep students on track and moving through the events in sequential order. Students begin by identifying the general topic, and follow up with a detailed description of each subsequent step. Starting the expository writing process with a graphic organizer will provide your students with a road map to their final destination. It will set them up for success while stressing the importance of paragraph structure and organization.

Why reinvent the wheel? Click here to download all of the graphic organizers detailed above in printable, editable, and digital formats from Literacy in Focus on TpT.

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Informative The informative graphic organizer works well for responding to informational text. Share this:. Copy link. Copy Copied. Powered by Social Snap.

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